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portraits de Jeannine Maréchal & Yann Brand trait l'équipe

Co-founder and associate director, Jeannine is the agency's consulting and operations contact.

As editorial manager, Jeannine developed solid experience in a large agency in Paris, where she managed national periodical publications for key accounts (La Poste, CIC, Gaz de France, LCL, Marionnaud, etc.). Today, she invests her exacting standard in the agency.

Co-founder and associate director, Yann answers questions related to information content.

Yann has been a journalist for more than 13 years. While working for a government ministry, he worked on the national magazine, internal press, and trade press. While working on the www.defense.gouv.fr portal for more than three years, he gained experience in online media and multimedia productions, such as web TV.

Using in-house employees and independent contractors, we work with a network of professionals who specialize in all areas of media, publishing, and communications. They are spread throughout Lorraine and Paris. With talents ranging from creativity, text, or image, we build a custom-tailored team for each and every project.